Who is Port PiraTech?

Port PiraTech Robotics Club at Port Washington High School is a club that participates in a competition run by the FIRST® Robotics organization. PiraTech works throughout the season to make a fully functional robot that will then compete in the current year’s game, while also pushing the ideals of Gracious Professionalism®, teamwork, learning, and gaining valuable experience Everybody has a great time throughout the season, and the reward of having a working robot at the end of the season is highly fulfilling. There is never a shortage of things that need to be done, and the team is always welcoming to new members that are interested in joining. 

What is FIRST Robotics?

FIRST® is an international organization of high school teams that build and compete against robots around the world. Specific game rules are announced in January which kicks off the build season. Then at the competition, teams get to compete with and against each other to accomplish the given goals of the game.